Tammy McLellan Director of Training

Tammy McLellan
Director of Training

Tammy has taught massage since 1991, and has striven to bring Baby Massage into mainstream Health Education. She's trained hundreds of NHS, local authority & private sector therapists, and still loves sharing her skills directly with Parents.

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Quote from a Parent

"Very informative and easy to follow.  I liked the relaxed, informal atmosphere which put me at ease." Edinburgh, August '09


Baby Massage Training in Edinburgh, Scotland for Professionals and Parents


Baby Massage has been around for centuries, used in cultures throughout the world.  It is now firmly re-establishing itself in the west, as the benefits of massage are being rediscovered by parents & health professionals alike: backed up by scientific research.

Baby Massage is a simple skill that is easy to learn, taking just a little time and effort.   An hour per week for 4/5 weeks and usually most parents & babies are experiencing some of the many benefits of massage.

For Health Care Professionals, Therapists & Nursery Nurses, learning to teach baby massage is wonderful skill to have to support parents through this exciting, yet sometimes challenging, period in their lives as they get to know & understand their babies.


Being touched and caressed,

Being massaged,

is food for the infant.

Food as necessary

as minerals, vitamins, and proteins.....


Dr. Frederick LeBoyer